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Scott Felten Auditor/Treasurer 507.437.9457
Laurie Clendenning Manager of the Auditor/Treasurer Department 507.437.9528
Amanda Kiefer Deputy, Elections and Vital Records 507.437.9535
Michele Mann Deputy, Property Tax and Property Descriptions 507.437.9456
Nichole Harrison Deputy, Vital Records 507.437.9541

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Notary Public & Ex Officio Notary Public Services

Requirements to Have a Document Notarized:
Current and valid picture identification (State issued driver's license or I.D., Passport, consulate card) is required for all parties signing the documents;
The Notary or Ex Officio Notary must be able to determine that the person appearing before him/her is in fact the person named as a signer in the document;
Party must sign in front of Notary Public;
Powers of a Notary or Ex Officio Notary:
He or she is qualified to administer oaths in this state, take and certify all depositions to be used in court, and to acknowledge deeds, mortgages, liens, powers of attorney, and most other instruments requiring a notarial acknowledgement.  He or she may not witness his/her own signature.
Notarial Officers:
Laurie Clendenning & Amanda Kiefer in office are Notary Public.
Pursuant to MN Stat §358.15, the County Auditor-Treasurer may act as an Ex Officio Notary Public.  He/she can perform the same acts as a Notary Public.
The fee for Notary Public and Ex Officio Notary Public services are $1.00 per document.


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