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Property ID Address Legal Description Basic
 Sale Price
Assessments Subject to Reassessment
34.095.0090 Vacant lot at 204 S Main St - Austin S1/2 LOT 3 & N15.6FT LOT 4 BLOCK 2 BERRYS ADDN  $1,144.89 $22,118.04
building demo
34.600.0420 Vacant lot at 802 7th Pl NE - Austin N80FT LOT 10 BLOCK 7 RAILROAD ADDN $200.00 $4,583.74
sanitary sewer
34.895.0330 Vacant lot W of 2208 8th Ave NW - Austin .44AC S½  SW¼  E OF OL24 OF NORMAN PARK 2ND ADDN $1.00 $14,804.18
sanitary sewer



·         All property is sold in “AS IS” condition.

·         Subject to any existing leases, building restrictions, and to easements previously obtained by any governmental subdivision or agency thereof for any public purpose.

·         The purchaser understands and agrees that no representations have been made regarding the real property’s soil conditions, including but not limited to load bearing, compaction, contamination of any type, buildability or any other conditions, by the Seller, Mower County, on behalf of the State of Minnesota, or the Seller’s employees or agents. A potential purchaser must obtain authorization from Mower County to perform soil testing, at their own expense, before purchasing a parcel by completing a Hold Harmless Agreement provided by the Auditor-Treasurer’s office.

·         Mower County is not responsible for locating or determining property lines or boundaries.


·         Most mortgages and liens, except Federal and State tax liens, are cancelled at forfeiture. It is the responsibility of each potential bidder to thoroughly research this information and learn which mortgages and liens, if any, may remain in effect following the forfeiture.


·         The purchaser will receive a receipt at the time of the sale. The Commissioner of the Department of Revenue will issue a deed from the State of Minnesota after full payment is made. The law provides that this conveyance has the force and effect of a patent from the State. However, services of an attorney may be necessary to make the title marketable. In addition, all mineral rights are permanently reserved to the State of Minnesota.

 Basic Sale Price:

·         All parcels are offered at public auction and sold to the highest bidder. The minimum bid acceptable is the basic sale price, which is equal to the appraised value plus any extra charges for special assessments levied after forfeiture as shown on the list of tax-forfeited land. The sale price is not negotiable. All sales are final, and no refunds or exchanges are permitted.

 Special Assessments:

·         If a parcel has special assessments cancelled at forfeiture, as indicated on the list, the proceeds of the sale, less the administrative costs, will be first applied toward the cancelled assessment.  The municipality may reassess any remaining balance.


Payment Terms:

·         Sale of $1,000.00 or less – Full payment at sale to “Mower County”;

·         Sale of $1,000.00 or more—20% down with balance due within three business days.


Extra Fees and Costs: In Addition to the Basic Sale Price:

            The following extra fees will be collected when the basic sale price is paid in full:

·         State Surcharge............................ 3% of the basic sale price

·         State Deed Fee............................. $25.00

·         State Deed Tax............................. $0.0033 x purchase price or $1.65 when purchase price is $3000.00 or less

·         Recording Fee............................... $46.00


Requirements to Complete Purchase:

- Provide proof of identification – Driver’s License, State Identification Card or US Passport
- Provide social security number or federal employer identification number (FEIN) of all buyers as needed for the electronic Certificate of Real Estate Value (eCRV) form.
- Provide planned use of the property.
- Signature Requirements:
  - Individuals:  If the property is purchased in more than one name, all parties must be present at the time of sale to sign all documents if power of attorney is not provided;
  - Power of Attorney:  Any individual, business entity, or non-profit organization buying property from the County for another individual or group of individuals will not be allowed to sign the required documents unless proof of power of attorney is provided;
  - Corporations:  If the property is purchased in the name of a corporation, an officer or officers of the corporation must be present to provide proof of signatory authority and to sign on behalf of the corporation.

If you have any questions about the process, you may contact Scott Felten, Mower County Auditor-Treasurer, at 507-437-9457



Auditor/Treasurer's Office
201 1st Street NE, Suite 7
Austin, MN  55912

(507) 437-9535  fax: (507) 434-2646


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