Jill Cordes  Mower County Recorder

The Mower County Recorder/Registrar of Titles is the custodian of all legal records accepted and recorded/filed in Mower County pertaining to the following areas: 
   Real Estate
   Mortgage Registration Tax
   Notary Commissions
   Federal/State/County Tax Liens
   Federal Judgments
   Military Discharges
   Burning Permits

The County Recorder/Registrar of Titles is responsible for the evaluation, recording, and archival preservation of over 200 types of legal documents which protect the rights and interest of individuals and institutions.  The County Recorder’s Office also provides access to all public recorded/filed documents archived in our office.  

The Mower County Recorder/Registrar of Titles and Staff are committed to evaluate and process documents, record/file, and generate archival records in compliance with statutory laws and do so with the highest possible degree of accuracy and quality for the citizens and land owners of Mower County.  

Mission: To record, protect, and preserve documents in a methodical manner for posterity and legal purposes.   ________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Scanned Plats Page

Passport Information

Index for Platted Torrens Property

Uniform Conveyancing Blanks - Real Estate Forms


Online Record Access:

Mower County Real Estate Records On-Line Disclaimer
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What On-Line records can be accessed in Mower County?
Grantor/Grantee indexes starting January 3, 1966 (Abstract Documents beginning #276302)
Images of Abstract Real Estate documents start Jan. 3, 1930 (Documents beginning #111559)
Grantor/Grantee indexes starting January 2, 2000 (Torrens Documents beginning #10912)
Indexing for State and Federal Tax Liens & Releases from January 1, 1996; electronic images are available from January 2, 2012  For previous years, contact the Recorder’s Office for copies.

How On-Line records can be accessed

RecordEASE website access   This is a fee-based site and is available 24hrs\Day.

Users will need to install this image viewer to display the files correctly on their systems.

The Recorders office also has put together this list of helpful hints to assist users with the software.

RecordEASE Web Subscription Agreement  Must be completed and returned to the Mower County Recorders Office to set up account for monthly subscriber access. 

RecordEASE Web Subscription Monthly Payment

Attention:  Point&Pay & Echeck Customers:
Convenience Fee: 2.5% with a $1.50 minimum
Echecks up to $10,000: $1.50 Convenience Fee
Echecks over $10,000: $10.00 Convenience Fee

*Please note: The above services are in addition to in-office searches and document retrievals performed in the Recorder's Office, not replacements.


Fee Schedule   effective 11/2009 Fees set by Minnesota Statutes   effective 11/2009
Photo Copies   $1.00 per page Recording Fees for Real Estate Documents    
Fax Fee   $5.00 + $1.00 per page faxed (Abstract & Torrens)   $46.00
Mailing Fee for Copies   $5.00 + $1.00 per page for copies Recording Fee for Plats   $56.00
Notary Filing Fee   $20.00 Certified Copies   $10.00
      Well Disclosure Fee   $50.00
RecordEASE Web   Fee Schedule      
Monthly Subscription Fee*   $30.00 per individual user      
Search Fee   $0.50 per search      
View Recorded Documents   $1.50 per document      
View Certificates of Title (Torrens)   $2.50 per certificate      
View Tract Card   $2.50 per tract      
Examiner of Titles :   Marty G. Helle      
    807 W. Oakland Ave.      
    Austin, MN 55912      
    Ph: 507.433.4383      
Directive Fee:    $150.00      
    ($250.00 beginning 1/1/2020)      
             *The monthly subscription fee is charged whether or not the system is accessed during the month
Effective Financing Statement, Statutory Lien Notices, CNS Continuations or Terminations must be filed with the Minnesota Secretary of State.

Please contact the Mower County Recorders Office directly for more information on this and all available services.

Please Note:  Overpayments of $20.00 or less will not be refunded.


Passport Information

Passport Application Acceptance Days and Hours are:  MONDAY - FRIDAY  8:00 am - 4:00 pm 

To Apply for a passport book or passport card, you must have the following items:

Passport application
- completely filled out in BLACK INK but NOT signed.

Passport photo - $15.00 in the Mower County Recorder's office

Certified birth certificate and a copy of the front and back (not the hospital certificate) or previous U.S. Passport (for an adult only) or naturalization certificate.

Bring along most current previous passport for adults and children.

Valid driver's license (front and back copy of it also) or another form of current picture identification.

1 - A check or money order is required for each passport application and the fees are:  
Regular Passport Book Passport Card
Age 16 & over $110 $30      
Age 15 & younger $80 $15      

U.S. Department of State

This payment MUST be in the form of a CHECK or MONEY ORDER - No Exceptions.

2-  A standard processing fee is $35.00 per application      
     This payment can be in the form of a money order, credit card, cash or check (written to Mower County).

For Expedited service, the charge is an additional $60.00 made out to the U.S. Department of State.


Passports for children 15 and under must have ANY parent listed on the birth certificate present to sign the application along with proper identification for those present.
Passports for children 16-17 need one parent present to sign the application along with proper identification.

All passport applicants, regardless of age, must be present to apply.

Passport Application Acceptance Days and Hours are:

MONDAY - FRIDAY  8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Passport photo can be obtained from the Mower County Recorder's office for $15.00 - includes sales tax and the photos can be taken anytime Monday - Friday 8:00 to 4:15.


The U.S. Department of State has released a video urging parents to apply early for their child's passport before the busy summer travel season.  The video can be viewed HERE


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