Mower County Vision & Mission


To provide vibrant communities where all people thrive.


To provide quality services for the people of Mower County.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Statement

Mower County’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Statement is as follows:

Mower County is dedicated to the equitable treatment and inclusion of all people and to building an inclusive culture where difference is valued. We will not tolerate any form of discrimination. We believe we will reach our full potential as a society when we live up to the ideal that we are all created equal. Mower County will support and foster a culture that encourages and celebrates diverse voices by upholding the values of diversity, equity and inclusion as well as strive to create a workplace that reflects our communities.

Mower County Board Ethics Policy (adopted 5.11.21)

All County Board members shall:

  • Observe the highest moral and ethical standards.
  • Maintain and respect confidentiality of private and confidential information.
  • Avoid discrimination against any person on the basis of race, color, pregnancy status, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, creed, national origin, age, disability, marital status, place of residence, or status with regard to public assistance.
  • Comply with the ethical obligations imposed by law, including MN Stat. §10A.07, §10A.071, §382.18, §471.87-.895, including, disclosing conflicts of interest, eliminating conflicts of interest where possible, abstaining from decision-making if a conflict exists, and declining gifts.
  • Work to create a positive environment in public meetings where all individuals may feel comfortable in their roles as observers or participants.
  • Allow citizens, staff or colleagues sufficient opportunity to present their views in a tolerant, respectful and attentive manner free from comments, body language or distracting activity that conveys a message of disrespect.