Damaged or Destroyed Property

Tax Relief for Property Owners

If your property’s buildings have been unintentionally or accidentally destroyed due to a natural disaster or destroyed due to arson or vandalism by someone other than the owner, you may be eligible for property tax relief.

The property tax relief may be either or both: 

  • An abatement of some or all of current year taxes
  • A credit applied to your next year’s taxes to reduce that overall bill

In almost all instances, the property owner must make application to the Assessor’s Office. It is important to document the damage and the Assessor’s Office will likely need to review the property. Our office will help you through the process to obtain any property tax relief available to your property.

Isolated Incident Disasters

If your property has been damaged in a smaller-scale event, such as a fire, you may still be eligible for some property tax relief. Please contact the Assessor’s Office at (507) 437-9440 for more information.

Natural Disasters

In a large-scale natural disaster, such as a tornado or flood, the Mower County Assessor’s Office will reach out to impacted taxpayers to provide information on property tax relief.

If your property is damaged in a natural disaster and you have not been in contact with the Assessor’s Office, please call (507) 437-9440. It is important to speak with the assessor to ensure you receive any relief you are eligible for.

Contaminated & Mold Damaged Properties

Properties that are contaminated with chemicals, petroleum products, asbestos, radon gas, pesticides, fertilizers, or other harmful substances may qualify for a reduction in taxes due to the contamination and loss in value. Many factors impact a property’s eligibility including who caused the contamination and if the contamination is being cleaned up.

If a homestead property is damaged by mold and a licensed contractor estimates the cost to cure the mold problem is at least $20,000, the property may be eligible for a value reduction. An application is required.

Contact the Assessor’s Office at (507) 437-9440 for more information on contaminated or mold-damaged properties.