Auditor / Treasurer

The Auditor-Treasurer is a constitutional officer who is elected every four years.

The Auditor-Treasurer office performs the following duties, among others:


Mailing of Tax Statements

The mailing of annual property tax statements (in the spring) and proposed property taxes (in the fall) are coordinated by this office.

Tax Collections

All real, personal property and mobile home taxes are collected by this office.  After the tax collection period, this office must pay the treasurers of the school districts, cities, townships, and special taxing districts the money collected on their behalf.

Special Assessment Collections

This office collects special assessments for cities and townships relating to water, sewer, sidewalk, curb and gutter, ditch repairs, and then remits the money to the cities or tax authority.

Tax Capacity Calculations

Based on the budgets of the county, townships, cities, school districts, and special taxing districts which are certified to this office, and based on the tax capacity of those districts certified by the county assessor, this office calculates the tax capacity rates on which all taxes are levied and computes taxes on each parcel of land for real and personal taxes.


The auditor-treasurer office is responsible for administrating elections locally.  This office provides election training for city and township clerks and officials, ordering ballots, registering voters, administering absentee voting ballot requests, providing ballots and elections supplies to the county’s voting precincts, receiving and tabulating election ballots, and reporting the results to secretary of state.


Birth, death, and marriage certificates are maintained by the auditor-treasurer office.


The auditor-treasurer signs all warrants and checks issued against the county.

2021 Fee Schedule


Marriage Certificate - Non-Certified Copy
MN Stat. 144.226 Subd 1(b)
Mortgage Tax
Mortgage Amount X .0023
MN Stat. 287.035
Multiple Copies - Non-certified (birth, death, marriage)
$4.00eachMN Stat. 144.226
Notary Public Service (notarize a document)
$1.00Per SignatureMaximum per County Board & MN Stat. 357.172020
NSF Fee (Check returned for Non-Sufficient Funds)
$30.00per paymentBank
Ordination Fee (needed to perform marriage ceremonies in MN). Credentials of Ordination must be filed in at least 1 MN county.
County Board per MN Stat. 517.052013
Property Tax Search Request (per parcel)
$2.50per parcelDepartment
Property Tax Statement Printout - Aumentum screen shot on 8.5" x 11" paper
$1.00per parcelDepartment2017
Property Tax Statement Printout - on official MN DOR 8.5" x 14" paper
$5.00per parcelDepartment2017
Publication in Newspaper Fee for Delinquent Property Tax (parcel listing published annually in March)
$30.00per parcelCounty Board per MN Stat. 279.0922004
Research Fee - Special Report/Project Request
$65.00per hour (1 hr. min.)DepartmentUpdated 2020
Revenue Recapture Fee
County Board2004
Revenue Recapture Fee for Mobile Homes
Reports Requested from Third Parties:

Report - Audit Verification/Confirmation
Report - Auditor Certificate
County Board
Report - PRISM Report Data
Report - Tax Impact Data (for School Referendums)
Report Request - Delinquent Tax List/Delinquent Tax Roll
$50.00Free from WebsiteDepartment2020
Report Request - Tax Forfeiture List - (non-formatted)
Reports - Misc. (non-formatted & emailed)
Reports - Misc. (non-formatted & mailed)
Reports - Misc. (formatted)
Tax Forfeited Property Repurchase Fee (county fee)
$100.00per parcelCounty Board2013
Vital Records Research Request
$30.00per hour (1 hr. min.)Dept/County Board2004