Mower County Water Management

Mower County's Water Plan has been updated to use the Watershed approach.  Mower County is covered by one of two different One Watershed One Plan (1W1P) programs: Cedar-Wapsi 1W1P and Root River 1W1P, and managed through cooperation with Mower SWCD

Water Testing

Mower County no longer conducts private water testing.  A test kit can be obtained from Austin Utilities (1908 4th St NE - Austin) or from Mower SWCD (1408 21st Ave NW - Austin); there is no charge for the kit, which includes instructions for sampling your water and a form to complete the testing you'd like ordered.  Fees are paid directly to the testing lab by the Owner.  

More information on private wells and water testing can be found at Minnesota Department of Health

Floodplain Management

Flooding in Mower County can come quickly, and with little or no warning.  Click HERE for resources Mower County has for residents to prepare and prevent damages!

Am I in the Floodplain?  Use our GIS tool to search a property for a Floodplain Inquiry

FEMA Resources

Do you have questions about flood insurance? Need help understanding coverages, premiums, underwriting, or anything else? We're here for you!


FEMA Region 5's Flood Insurance Liaison announces monthly Virtual Flood Insurance Office Hours. If you have a question about flood insurance, FEMA staff will be available the last Friday of every month to help you out. To protect your privacy, breakout rooms will be available to speak one-on-one with an insurance expert. 


Topic: FEMA Region 5 Flood Insurance Office Hours

When: Every month on the Last Friday from 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM Central Time.

Where: Zoom. No registration is required. Office hours are on a first come, first served basis. Drop in here


For more information on the NFIP's new pricing methodology, visit Risk Rating 2.0: Equity in Action |

Access FEMA's Flood Map Service Center for Search by Address tool to view a property's flood risk or generate a map showing the flood zones on a property.

FEMA hosts a resource called FloodSmart, available HERE providing guidance for flood preparation, prevention, recovery, and assistance. 

MnDNR Resources

click HERE to access Floodplain Maps and Technical Resources from MnDNR