Mower County is a "delegated county" of the MPCA's Feedlot Program which aims to improve Water Quality .  The MPCA's Feedlot Program rules govern the collection, transportation, storage, processing, and land application of animal manure and other livestock operation wastes. The rules apply to most aspects of livestock management including the location, design, construction, operation, and management of feedlots and manure handling facilities.  

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MDA offers Cost-Share for Hog and Turkey Farms for COVID-19 related Losses

November 10, 2020

Farmers impacted by pandemic supply chain back-up may be eligible

St. Paul, MN: Hog operations that were forced to depopulate hogs and turkey producers who marketed fewer liveweight pounds due to supply chain back-ups during the COVID-19 pandemic can now apply for cost-share funds to recoup some of their losses.   ....

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  1. Valerie Sheedy

    Assistant Environmental Services Supervisor
    Phone: 507-434-2639, ext. 639

Feedlot Forms and Permits

Feedlot Registration and Change of Ownership

Feedlot Construction Permits  (under construction..)

Feedlot Fees:
Yearly Fee (299 or fewer animal units)$42.00
Yearly Fee (300 or more animal units)$130.00
Permit Fees for New Construction, Expansion, or Modification:
          10-99 animal units $26.00
          100-299 animal units  $105.00
          300-499 animal units  $210.00
          500-699 animal units  $525.00
          700-999 animal units  $735.00
          1000-3000 animal units  $1,050.00