Mower County is a "delegated county" of the MPCA's Feedlot Program which aims to improve Minnesota's Water Quality. The MPCA's Feedlot Program rules govern the collection, transportation, storage, processing, and land application of animal manure and other livestock operation wastes. The rules apply to most aspects of livestock management including the location, design, construction, operation, and management of feedlots and manure handling facilities.  

To update your Feedlot Records*, you may download/ complete the Registration Sheet below and email it to the Feedlot Officer, or use MPCA's Online Registration System directly.

*Note: sites that are covered under NPDES Permit should not use this service; please visit MPCA's 2021 General Permit page for more information. 

Feedlot Forms and Permits

  1. Valerie Sheedy

    Assistant Environmental Services Supervisor
    Phone: 507-434-2639, ext. 639

Feedlot Fees:
Yearly Fee (299 or fewer animal units)$42.00
Yearly Fee (300 or more animal units)$130.00
Permit Fees for New Construction, Expansion, or Modification:
          10-99 animal units $26.00
          100-299 animal units  $105.00
          300-499 animal units  $210.00
          500-699 animal units  $525.00
          700-999 animal units  $735.00
          1000-3000 animal units  $1,050.00

Announcements from Agriculture Stewardship - Land, Water, Livestock - July 2021 Edition:

Feedlot Update

Factsheet addresses FAQs on feedlots for lenders, real estate

The Feedlot Program has posted a new factsheet with information about feedlots for lenders and real estate agents. Main topics are registration, feedlot rule compliance, and zoning. MPCA and county feedlot staff collaborated on providing answers. Find it here: Registration, permits, and environmental review | Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

mawqcp and cowWater quality-certified livestock farms go to front of feedlot permit application line

Minnesota livestock farms applying for feedlot permits from the MPCA can jump to the head of the line if they become certified in the Minnesota Agricultural Water Quality Certification Program (MAWQCP). In 2016 the MPCA revised its feedlot permit application to recognize water quality-certified producers and move their permit application to the front of the line. The MAWQCP is a voluntary opportunity for farmers and agricultural landowners to take the lead in implementing conservation practices that protect our water. Those who implement and maintain approved farm management practices will be certified and receive numerous perks, including:

  • Regulatory certainty for 10 years
  • Technical and financial assistance
  • Recognition
  • Priority for feedlot permit applications

More than 775,000 acres and 1,080 producers are Water Quality Certified in Minnesota. To learn more visit MyLandMyLegacy.com or contact your local Soil and Water Conservation District office.